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What is paint correction and do you need it?

Your car goes through many environmental challenges everyday from bird dropping, tree sap, bad weather, and industrial fallout. After you've seen the environmental challenges that have occurred on your vehicle, you decide to take it through an automated car wash. We've all been there. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make for your vehicle's paint. The fibers in the automated car wash's machines hold onto debris from various vehicles and those fibers effect your vehicles paint. The machines have been proven to make major swirls and imperfections in your paint. Even if you put all your effort into stopping scratches and imperfections within your paint, it still happens due to many events that occur without your control. The next step in your cars journey is to get a new paint job, right? Wrong! There's still a chance to save your vehicle and your wallet with a cheaper option. It's called paint correction. 

Paint correction as a whole is correcting your car’s exterior paint. The paint correction process aims to reduce or fully eliminate imperfections in your vehicle's paint. 

Paint correction is an important step in maintaining the shine and overall appearance of your vehicle, as scratches in the exterior paint layer creates the imperfections you see on your car. Among the imperfections that can appear are swirl marks caused by improper washing and drying. Another imperfection is the hologram, caused by inexperienced detailers.

Examples of Imperfections in vehicle's paint:

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